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We are importers and distributors of the Mac International Washmaster range of static power washers. Should you have any questions regarding your requirements for static power washing a member of our team would be more than happy to assist you in your decision.
Sitemaster 18 and 42
Power: 240 V 415 V
Pressure: 100 Bar 200 Bar
Flow: 12 Litres p/m 15 Litres p/m
Pump: Interpump 140 STANDARD AUTO
Motor: 3 HP - 1,450 RPM
Auto/BP: Standard Auto
Cover: Painted Steel
Chemical: H.P
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The Sitemaster is the ultimate in strength, security and reliability: a purpose built static hot washer for safety, reliability and cost-effective washing. Zintec cabinets, lagged and fully frost protected for year-round use. Prevent chemical loss or overuse with a choice of control systems including token start and key start, and tamper proof controls.
Washpoint 13
Power: 240 V
Pressure: 100 Bar
Flow: 12 Litres p/m
Cover: S.S
Chemical L.P
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Wall or stand mounted cold-water washer. Built in stainless steel with auto stop/start system and easy to use controls. Being wall or stand mounted helps to stop theft, abuse and down time. Robust and reliable, the Washpoint 13 can be fitted to pipeline systems.
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